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Heather Dixon's
Dance & Fitness Studio

For the joy of movement and dancing!

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About Dixon's Dance & Fitness Studio

Focuses on the children and dancers, of the professional and leisure levels, what is important for their well being and futures! Not only is the focus on the love of dance and joy of movement, but importance of  discipline and excellent training, which includes performance opportunity for all ages!


Unleash your potential

Our dynamic dance and fitness classes, designed to push your limits and ignite your passion. Here, every beat is a pulse of energy, every move a step towards your fitness goals. Our curated programs offer a synergistic blend of cardio, strength training, and dance techniques to provide a balanced workout. Get ready to sweat, smile, and shine!



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Step into the limelight

Our year-end performance is more than just a recital; it's the pinnacle of a year's worth of passion, hard work, and artistic exploration. Every dancer in our studio, from beginners to advanced, is given the unique opportunity to perform on a professional stage. With state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and choreography, we celebrate the individual and collective achievements that have shaped us into a family of artists.

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