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Young Dance Students

Policy & Procedures

A - If a student has missed two classes consecutively, a call will be made by the Studio to discuss reasons for absence. If students are going on vacation, are unwell, or are going to miss class for any reason, parents / guardians are required to contact the Studio directly.


B - It is mandatory that students abide by the dress code to participate in class. All decisions regarding a student’s participation will be at the teacher’s discretion. For example, lateness/ behavioural concerns/failure to comply with the dress code are three factors that may contribute to a student being permitted to participate in dance class. A refund will not be given in this case.


C - PLEASE NOTE: A dancer’s participation in a specific choreography or performance will be made solely at the discretion of Heather Dixon. There are numerous factors that contribute to these decisions. Should you have questions or concerns regarding your child’s participation in this regard, please contact Heather Dixon directly.


D - Students are required to purchase or rent costumes in order to take part in the end of the year performance. Costumes that are paid for by the student remain the property of the student once the show has been completed. A non-refundable performance fee(s) and costume(s) fee will be charged upon registration or in August and January at the beginning each term.


E - Parents and Guardians: in order to ensure your child’s safety, please drop off and pick up your child INSIDE the building. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the beginning and end time of class. Dixon’s Dance and Fitness studio is not responsible for your child prior to or after class.


F - Parents will be notified as soon as possible if classes are to be cancelled. Parents should refer to Bayshore Broadcasting website and radio, Facebook, the Remind app or email for cancellations. In the case of a teacher’s absence, an email and remind message will be sent out. We will make every effort to make up classes in the event of a teacher’s absence/illness during the school year. Classes cancelled due to inclement weather will not be refunded.


G - No food or drink inside the studio, water bottles only.


H - Please do not leave any personal belongings at the   Studio. Leave all valuables at home. Hand Book


I - It is important to arrive at the Studio early to dress, warm up and be prepared to start class on time. Being punctual not only shows respect to the teacher and other students but is also for the safety and wellbeing of the student, in order to avoid injury.


J - Parents and guardians are not allowed to observe during class. There will be Open Houses when parents, friends and family are invited to come to class and observe the progress of the students.


K - If a parent or guardian has any questions, please call or email Mrs. Dixon to arrange a mutually agreedupon time to meet or speak on the phone with herself or the teacher at hand.


L - If a student is going to be arriving late or needs to leave early, please notify the teacher prior to the commencement of class.


M - Newsletters and emails will be sent out periodically.   Please make sure you read this information carefully. 


N - All cell phones must be turned on silent in the dance studio. This applies to dancers and parents.


O - The best time to contact Miss Dixon is between 12:00 and 3:00 pm. Miss Dixon can also be reached by email or text. Responses will not be provided while classes are being conducted.

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